Treat for cuckold hubby

Treat for cuckold hubby

Hot wife is going our for the night leaving cuckold hubby to play with himself. But he knows his wife. He knows she cares for him. And he knows she is sure to bring a treat for him when she gets back in the morning.

Hot wife brings a treat for her cuckold husband
Bringing treat for cuckold husband

Cuckold life – Wife wants to suck

Cuckold life – wife wants to suck

Hot wife is sitting in a bar along with her cuckold husband. She fancies a guy sitting across the aisle. He has also been eyeing her for quite some time. Finally the hot wife decides to take it further. So she asks her cuckold hubby to go over and introduce himself to the guy.

She has one simple message for the guy.


Cuckold life - Hot wife wants to suck his cock.
Hot wife wants to suck his cock.