Hotwife Captions – She comes so hard

Hotwife captions
Hot wife comes very hard

Hotwife Captions – She comes so hard

The look on his wife’s face said everything. Her mouth gaped open as her lover’s huge cock slipped inside her wet snatch.

It was same almost every time a new cock slipped inside her. She moaned with pleasure as her lover kissed her back repeatedly as he entered her from behind.

He watched in fascination as his hot wife took her lover’s huge cock inside her.

Her lovely breasts heaved with every thrust. Her disheveled hair tossed about her face as her lover started to pound in her.

He couldn’t believe how amazingly erotic it was to see a giant cock enter his wife’s pussy. Was it because for the umpteen numbers of times she had taken another man better than him inside her? Or was it because her face was so contorted with pleasure at the sight of his wife taking her lover?

He didn’t know what excited him so much.

But he knew one thing for sure.

His wife never ever moaned like this when she was with him. He had never been able to make her cum the way her lovers were able to.

She came hard almost every time when she was with another man.

And for the first time he realized his place in their cuckold marriage.

Cuckold and bull – Sending clear message

Cuckold and bull

Cuckold and bull have a perfect understanding. Cuckold husband has bought a new dress for his wife as he is supposed to.

She plans to wear it on her date with her bull. It is skimpy and transparent enough to tell her bull what she wants.

It shows more than enough to the bull and makes her message to the bull clear. She wants him to take her.

Simple and plain.

Wife naturally thanks her hubby for his choice.

What is his reward? Obviously he will get a perfect midnight snack from between her thighs when she comes back from her date.


cuckold and bull
Dress sends a clear message