Cuckold and bull – Sending clear message

Cuckold and bull

Cuckold and bull have a perfect understanding. Cuckold husband has bought a new dress for his wife as he is supposed to.

She plans to wear it on her date with her bull. It is skimpy and transparent enough to tell her bull what she wants.

It shows more than enough to the bull and makes her message to the bull clear. She wants him to take her.

Simple and plain.

Wife naturally thanks her hubby for his choice.

What is his reward? Obviously he will get a perfect midnight snack from between her thighs when she comes back from her date.


cuckold and bull
Dress sends a clear message

Cuckold pictures- Watching him take your wife

Cuckold pictures – Watching him take your wife

Cuckold pictures are worth a thousand words. Imagine this.

Hot wife is kneeling on all 4. You are sitting right in front of her face. Her lover is behind her and he is just banging away. Every time he thrusts his tool in your wife, her face comes closer to you and then goes back away. You long for the touch of her lips. She looks in your eyes and just keeps staring at you as she takes thrust after thrust from her lover.

Her mouth is gaping open and her face is contorted with pleasure.

Is this how you imagine him take your wife?

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Cuckold pictures
Watching him take your wife


Treat for cuckold hubby

Treat for cuckold hubby

Hot wife is going our for the night leaving cuckold hubby to play with himself. But he knows his wife. He knows she cares for him. And he knows she is sure to bring a treat for him when she gets back in the morning.

Hot wife brings a treat for her cuckold husband
Bringing treat for cuckold husband

Indian Cuckold – Helping her hubby

Indian cuckold story

This story is part of an erotic cuckold story named helping her hubby which is available on You can see the original story using the link below.

Helping her hubby

Indian cuckold - Helping her hubby
Erotic cuckold story – Helping her hubby

“Do you like it?”Risha slapped his thighs as she looked up.

“You are very big.” She looked up as she jerked his cock. Sushant looked in her eyes. Then he held her neck and slowly tried to pull her mouth towards his throbbing cock.

The idea of having Risha’s soft and juicy lips on his cock was driving him mad. Every pore of his body was filled with desire as he tried to get Risha’s mouth on his cock. Risha looked up at him and smiled. Then she deliberately rubbed her cheeks on his instead of taking him in her mouth. Sushant squeezed her tits hard trying to get her attention. Risha cried out as Sushant pinched her nipple hard. She looked up accusingly but then opened her mouth and took him in.

Sushant felt like he would go over the edge any time. Risha couldn’t believe that taking someone’s cock her mouth could be so exciting. The salty taste of Sushant’s pre cum and the scent of his manhood were enough to get sopping wet. She used one hand to insert a finger in her cunt as she gave Sushant blowjob of his life.

Just as they both felt they would get over the edge, Risha suddenly froze. She could clearly hear someone calling her name outside. She recognized that it was Sameer.

“I think Sameer is outside.” He gave a nasty look toward the door.

“Why do you care? Let him see how his wife is sucking another man’s dick.” He grabbed her hair roughly and tried to pull her mouth on his waiting manhood. Risha struggled but Sushant was quite powerful and suddenly Risha found her mouth stuffed with his monster cock.

Suddenly the garage door opened and Risha took his cock out of her mouth and looked towards the door and saw her husband standing there looking at them incredulously.

He stared at the scene before him. His wife was sitting on her haunches wearing nothing but a petticoat. Her clothes were lying on the floor and she was facing a huge cock of Sushant. Her hair was messed up. She has slowly caressing his cock with her hand. Sameer knew that this would happen when he came here but he never thought that within an hour of their arrival his wife would be sitting down and taking Sushant’s cock in her mouth.

Beetika had sent him searching for his wife and Sushant but he couldn’t believe that he would find them like this.

Risha looked him straight in the eyes as if accusing him of disturbing their erotic game. Her face was flushed and she was panting. She looked at her husband for a moment and then without a word went back to Sushant’s cock.

Sameer tried to look away but he couldn’t take his eyes off the erotic scene before him. She was trying to take the entire length of his cock but still could manage only half of it. Sushant was bucking his hips wildly as he started fucking Risha’s mouth. He grabbed Risha’s tits and mauled them roughly. As he pinched her nipples Risha cried out loud.


Sushant was wailing loudly. He shivered and shook as he felt his orgasm building in him. Risha concentrated on giving pleasure to Sushant as she sucked the daylights out of his cock. She no longer cared about her husband.

Risha tucked strands of her hair behind ears as she continued to lick and suck on Sameer’s shaft.

Sameer couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was feeling puzzled and excited at the same time. It was as if he was watching pornography. This was so surreal and unreal to him. His cock was twitching and throbbing in his pant as he watched his wife giving oral pleasure to Sushant.

She looked at her husband for a moment and smiled. He was looking at them and couldn’t help but stroke his cock.

“If you want to come closer and look you are welcome baby.” Risha said before Sushant pulled her in his arms and kissed her. Risha kept caressing Sushant’s cock as they kissed passionately.

After kissing for few moments Sushant asked her to lie down on the table. It was made of wood.

She leaned forward and rested her chest on the table. Her eyes looked straight at her husband. She spread her thighs apart as she waited for Sushant to take her.

Sushant pulled up her petticoat and brought it to the waist of Risha. Then he pulled down the panty of Risha in one stroke and pulled it down. Now Risha’s sexy and wet cunt was ready for her cock. Risha gathered her hair on one side of her shoulder as she waited. She turned around and saw Sushant playing with his cock. She was feeling horny and desperate and wanted his cock in her.

“What are you doing Sushant? Come on.” Sushant looked at her husband and gave him a wicked smile before he placed his hands on Risha’s hips. He caressed her wide hips for a moment and then slapped her naked ass. Risha squirmed and squealed in pleasure.

Risha cried out as she felt entire girth and length of Sushant’s cock pushing deep in her cunt.

“Oh God, it’s so big.” She wailed loudly making sure that her husband would hear it. Then she looked straight at him.

Risha felt like her breathing would stop as she felt Sushant pounded her mercilessly.

“Stop please stop. You are hurting me.” She cried out loudly but Sushant didn’t care. He just wanted to fuck her and pound her cunt. He grabbed her hair and pulled it roughly pulling Risha’s head back. Risha started to scream loudly but even Sameer knew that it was not only because of pain. Risha’s body convulsed with pleasure with every stroke.

Sameer watched his wife taken by Sushant and couldn’t help but stroke his cock. His wife was shrieking like a wild bitch getting fucked. Her mouth was hanging open.

Risha held two corners of the table with her hands as Sushant thrust his cock in and out of her wet cunt. The table creaked and made loud noise mixing it with loud wails of Risha and Sushant.

Sushant was hitting the spots in her cunt that her husband had never been able to hit.

She opened her eyes and saw her husband stroking his cock wildly.

Her entire body was glistening with sweat. Sushant ran her hands all over her back and neck. Risha trembled like a tree as she felt Sushant’s rough hands against her skin driving her closer to the edge.

Sushant grabbed her waist and increased his thrusts banging her wildly.

“Oh God Sushant. Please don’t stop. Fuck me harder. Don’t stop.” Risha whispered in a low voice as Sameer watched his wife asking more from another man.

Sushant didn’t disappoint her and he himself shook as waves of pleasure surged through his body.

He once again pulled Risha’s hair roughly and suddenly flooded her cunt with his juices. His body jerked and shook with spasms as he unloaded his juice in Risha’s cunt.

Sameer now knew that Sushant had put all his juice inside his wife’s cunt. He stood there shaking his cock.

Risha shivered as streaks of Sushant’s cum leaked out of her cunt and streaked across her thighs. She touched Sushant’s hand and caressed it gently as she recovered her breath.

Sushant also collapsed on Risha’s back and started kissing with his lips on his nude back. After kissing Risha’s back several times Sushant pulled his cock out of Risha’s cunt and once again his cum leaked out of her cunt.

Risha too got up from the table and saw her husband with dazed eyes and then put her hands in Sushant’s neck and kissed his lips. Sushant kissed Risha while squeezing her ass for several minutes.

After several passionate kisses, Risha bent forward and picked up her clothes. She wore all her clothes one by one. Sushant also zipped his pant as they recovered.

Then Risha turned towards her husband and gave him a smile.

“What are you looking at darling? Aren’t you satisfied watching your wife fuck someone else? Let’s go.” She held her husband’s hand and started walking. Sushant followed them as he watched the sexy swaying ass of Risha.

Risha spent the entire night with Sushant and also next day. Sameer didn’t even meet his wife once on the day of Holi as she spent the day with Sushant.

Hot wife has a secret

Hot wife’s secret

Hot wife has a secret. The baby is not her husband’s but her boss’. The flowers were sent by her husband.

Hot wife has a secret.
Hot wife has a secret.


Indian wife and shape shifting snakeman

Indian wife Risha dreams about a strange creature who is half snake and half human.
Indian wife and shapeshifting snakeman

Indian wife and shapeshifting snakeman is an erotic story available on on the following link.

Indian wife and shapeshifting snakeman

This is a part of that story.

Her breasts were heaving as they rose and fell heavily. She felt like she wanted to touch her breasts and squeeze them. But she couldn’t move.

But just as she felt it would never happen the snake closed its hood and slowly it backed down. It slowly receded back in darkness and then something happened that Risha couldn’t comprehend. Suddenly something strange happened in the darkness and when she saw after a moment, instead of the snake, she was something strange. It was a figure of a man but there was something strange about him.

Instead of the normal skin tone of a man, his skin had a greenish tinge. And then as her eyes went lower, she saw that below the waist, it was not a man but a huge snake. It was just as thick as an anaconda as he balanced himself on his tail. Her lips quivered as she watched the half snake half human figure slowly slide towards her. He came to the same position where the snake had been and towered over her face. Now instead of a snake she was looking at half snake half human figure.

“Who are you?”She managed to say. Somehow she felt that he would hiss. But instead she heard him speak perfectly like a human.

“I am Nagandhar. I am a snake king.” Risha’s breathing quickened as Nagandhar almost touched her.

“Where am I? How did I come here? “She asked again feeling somewhat bolder this time.

“I brought you here. I hypnotized you and you followed me here.” She could easily believe him. She had often heard of the hypnotic eyes of snakes.

“But why did you bring me? Who am I?”She asked. She felt a sudden shyness at her naked form and she raised her hands trying to cover her breasts with them. At this point he moved his hand and he slowly caressed Risha’s face with his fingers. Risha felt that his hands and fingers were quite cold. It was almost as if his body didn’t have the warmth of a human body.

“You are my queen.” He caressed Risha’s cheeks with the back of his fingers. Then she felt his fingers caressing her lips for a fleeting moment.

“It’s not possible. You must be wrong. I can’t be your queen. I am Risha. I don’t know who you are. I am married. I have a husband.” She almost felt him hiss and felt his cold breath on her face.

“You are going to be his wife only for some time. You see, we are a special breed of snakes. We are half human and half snake. I am their king. Every 25 years we choose a woman who mates with me and continue our line. And this time, I have chosen you.”Risha shuddered as she felt his hands touch her naked breasts and caress them. She breathed sharply as she felt almost panicking.

“What do you mean you choose me? Don’t I have to choose you as well?”She asked as she watched Nagandhar circle her and get behind her.

“You will Risha.”Risha shuddered as she felt his cold body slither behind her as he hugged her from behind. His touch was cold and yet strangely erotic. She almost came at his touch. His skin was sleek and somewhat wet.

She felt his warm breath on her neck as he knelt on her neck. His long forked tongue licked at her neck making it wet. Risha’s breathing quickened as a she felt a shiver going down her body and between her thighs. She couldn’t believe it, but her thighs were wet as her cunt juices leaked all over the place.

His greenish hands cupped her large breasts and he pinched her nipples. Risha moaned with pleasure as his hands cupped and squeezed her naked breasts. His tongue was darting all over the place of her neck and shoulders arousing her beyond imagination.

He was so close to her that she could feel his scaly lower half on her buttocks. She felt him pushing against her buttocks. Risha couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as her fears fled and now she could feel only lust and arousal.

Suddenly she felt his hands move downward on her body till he reached her thighs and he parted them with his strong hands. Risha suddenly cried out a she felt his green finger enter her cunt. Risha gasped and leaned back on his shoulder as he pulled her firmly against his body.

All the thoughts of fear melted away as Risha surrendered her to pleasure. Nagandhar’s finger darted in and out of her pussy as Risha moaned with pleasure. She kicked her legs and her hips quivered as she shuddered with pleasure passing through her body like waves in an ocean.

She flushed red as she continued to squirm and writhe in Nagandhar’s arms. She felt like she was consumed by lust not able to think straight. Risha closed her legs as passion consumed her as she flooded his hand by her pussy juices.

“Oh gods, please stop. Please stop. I am coming. I am coming.”She cried out loudly as she spurted drops of juices all over his hand.

But Nagandhar used his strong and firm hands to turn Risha around to face him. They looked in each other’s eyes for a moment. Then he pulled her firmly in his arms. She felt her large breasts crush against his chest. His body was once again cold but she was now getting used to his touch and feel.

But now she had to contend with something else. As Nagandhar groped her breasts she could feel hardness against her buttocks. She couldn’t mistake it. There was not an iota of doubt in her mind what it was. She shuddered to think that she was feeling a snake’s member against her buttocks but instead of feeling disgusted, she felt horny. She wanted to touch it and feel it in her hands.

“Do you want to touch it?”Nagandhar whispered in her ears and she nodded without waiting for a moment. Nagandhar took her hand and then slowly guided it towards his huge member.

Risha shuddered as she felt his huge member in her hand. It was very thick and long. It was definitely larger than a man’s penis although she never knew that snakes had penises. Nagandhar had backed up a little and arched his upper body where as his lower body of the snake swayed and slithered.

With her heart in her mouth, Risha caressed his huge organ with her hand. It was unlike any human. It was almost wet and had somewhat scale exterior. Risha shuddered as she thought the amount of pleasure his scaly and thick cock could give her.

“Do you want it in you?”Nagandhar licked her neck again with his forked tongue wetting it again.

“Yes. I want it in me.”Risha whispered as she stroked his member and caressed it with her delicate fingers.

“Get down there on the floor.”He pushed Risha as she fell to the ground. She felt breathless. Her hair was spread all over her back as her heavy breasts touched the cold floor. She felt her nipples grow in size as she spread her thighs. She just wanted to get that huge cock in her cunt. She was wet and leaking juices all over her thighs.

Risha took a deep breath as she prepared for invasion of her cunt. Initially he was hesitant as he poked at the entrance of Risha’s moist cunt. She moaned as she felt the head of his huge cock rubbing against her cunt.  She could still feel Nagandhar’s tail swishing and swaying behind her. But the next moment, she let out a loud cry as she felt his huge cock penetrating her cunt. It was almost as thick as her arm. She let out a wild cry as she felt her cunt lips spread and accommodate his huge member. Nagandhar groaned as he felt his cock enveloped by Risha’s moist and tight cunt.

Once he was in, he started to thrust in and out of her cunt. Risha moaned loudly as her breasts started to slap against her face. She couldn’t believe the force and energy with which Nagandhar fucked her from behind. She gasped for breath as he furiously fucked her. She wondered how hard he was able to fuck her. Then she suddenly realized. Nagandhar was supporting himself on his huge lower body as he fucked her. He didn’t need his arms or anything else to support himself. This position was as natural for him as standing was for humans. He could have gone on for hours and still not felt a thing.

Nagandhar kneeled behind her as he pounded away in her cunt. Suddenly Risha felt his tongue on neck. It was longer than anything she had ever experienced before. He licked her neck as he continued to fuck her.

Suddenly her entire body shuddered as Nagandhar’s body shook in spasms. His pounding reached a crescendo as he shook and she felt warm juices flow in her cunt.

Risha gave out a loud cry of pleasure that shook the entire room. Nagandhar’s body shook as he repeatedly flooded Risha’s cunt with his cum. Finally when he removed his cock from Risha’s cunt and slithered back, Risha collapsed on her chest. She touched her sore pussy and felt the gooey liquid that she felt on her fingers. She looked at her fingers and saw that Nagandhar’s cum also had a greenish tinge about it.

She turned her neck back and suddenly saw that Nagandhar was shifting into a complete snake, Already almost all the body up to his neck had morphed into a snake. Right in front of her eyes, Nagandhar turned into a great snake and then slithered up to her as it slithered up her back for a moment.

She felt like it stood again in front of her as it opened its mouth and flicked its tongue on her face. She also opened her mouth and extended her tongue till it touched the snake’s tongue for a moment. Then suddenly right before her eyes, the snake vanished and she was left alone in the room naked and shivering.

It was at this point that Risha suddenly screamed and woke up. Her entire body was covered with sweat and she was shivering. She breathed heavily as her chest heaved. She looked at the clock and it was almost 4 AM. She wiped her head with her hand and then composed herself for a moment before she woke up and went to the bathroom.

This was the 5th time she had had this kind of dream in the last month. It had scared her beyond means. But at the same time she couldn’t reject the dampness she felt in her thighs. As she peed, she couldn’t help but notice that her thighs were wet with her own juices. She had actually cum as she dreamed about a half snake half man fucking her. Was she a pervert? How the hell in the world could someone cum just by having sex in a dream?

But she knew that she will have to discuss this with her husband and she couldn’t avoid it any more. She came back and slept on the bed beside Sumit, her husband who hadn’t even woken up when she had screamed. She wondered if he really loved her.

Dare of a hot wife

Cuckold Erotica : Dare of a hot wife

A hot wife has had sex with her boss. When her husband comes to know about it, she dares him. This dare is captured in this sexy picture.

Cuckold Erotica - Hot wife dares her husband
Hot wife dares her husband.

Cuckold, use your tongue

Cuckold husband and hot wife are waiting for her lover to come over, but he is so late. So she asks her cuckold hubby to help her out.

As always there are conditions from the wife. Cuckold husband can only use his tongue.

cuckold husband has to please his wife with his tongue.
Hot wife asks her cuckold hubby to use his tongue.

Cuckolded by hubby’s white boss

Indian wife starts affair with hubby's white boss.
Cuckolded by hubby’s white boss

“But I am not on pill.”She whispered in Alan’s hair as she nuzzled his neck. Alan kissed her sweet lips momentarily and then grabbed her ass.

“Don’t worry baby. We can get some condoms.”Neha looked in his eyes.

“Did you bring any?”She asked.

“No baby, I didn’t but probably your husband did. Ask him.”Alan pointed towards Avinash who till now had been a mute spectator in this erotic scene. He was still stroking his cock and couldn’t believe that he was still hard. Was seeing his wife sucking Alan’s cock so erotic that he was still hard? If Neha had sucked his cock he would have come within minutes. Somehow was watching his wife more erotic for him?

“So dear hubby, did you bring any? I am sure you have. You always do, don’t you?”Neha turned around and asked her husband. Avinash shuddered as he thought of giving a condom to his boss for fucking his wife. He certainly had a pack of condoms. But was he going to give it? There was no doubt in his mind about it. He slowly nodded.

“Then go to put room and get it baby.”Neha looked at her husband’s cock and smiled indulgently and continued.

“Maybe next time we should put a chastity cage on your cock. What do you think Alan?”She asked Alan as Avinash rose up.

“I agree darling. The little pecker like that doesn’t deserve any pleasure.”Neha laughed and once again turned towards her husband.

“Go on darling. What are you waiting for? We don’t have all night.”Avinash walked up to the door and turned back to take a look at his wife. She had once again kneeled down and had started to suck Alan’s cock.

He zipped his pant and then walked out of the room. But he knew that from now on his life would completely change. He had got what he wanted but would it be more than what he wanted? Had he chewed more than he could stomach? Only time would tell that.

It took him more than 10 minutes to get the condoms and come back to Alan’s suite. When he came in the bedroom once again, he found his wife on all fours. Alan was behind Neha.

Neha’s face was contorted with pleasure as Alan humped her from behind. Alan held on to Neha’s butt as he fucked her rhythmically.

“Avinash, how much time do you need just to get couple of condoms? Do you think we were going to wait on you forever?”Neha almost barked at her husband as he came in.

“Now we have already started. Alan couldn’t wait any longer and neither did I. Now there is no use of your condoms. Now you can sit there and watch a real man pleasure your wife.”She winked at her husband. Avinash didn’t know what to say. He had gone as fast as he could. Somehow he felt that Neha had intentionally done this.

But he didn’t say anything and with bated breath slumped back in the same chair on which he had sat earlier. Now Neha was facing him and Alan was behind her. He could clearly see the expressions on his wife’s face.

“I know your husband is useless even for a simple task like getting a condom baby.”Alan remarked and Neha laughed rudely once again. Avinash wondered if this was how life of cuckold would be.

“Forget him baby. Concentrate on me.”She said to Alan as he held on to her waist and then started fucking her once again. She closed her eyes and felt the pleasure that Alan’s cock was giving. His cock was quite large and it was able to touch every little part of her pussy. She closed her eyes and started humping back meeting every thrust of Alan vigorously.

Avinash watched as his wife’s face contorted with pleasure. Neha had sneaked up her hand between their bodies and she started to fondle Alan’s balls with her delicate fingers. Alan shuddered as he felt her fingers. Alan was now fucking her even harder and faster than before. Both of them were groaning with pleasure. Entire room was filled with the most obscene noises of their lovemaking.

Neha’s long hair had now covered her face. Her breasts almost slapped against her face very time Alan thrust his cock deep in her cunt. Every time he pounded her cunt, Alan’s balls slapped against her wet pussy.

Alan stopped for a moment as he recovered his breath. Neha also moved her hair aside and gathered it on her back and then looked at her husband.

“Are you enjoying it baby? Are you enjoying the look on my face as a real man fucks your wife? Look how big he is. This is what you wanted, isn’t it, baby? You wanted to see a real well hung man taking your wife, isn’t it?” She looked intently in her husband’s eyes as she asked him.

“Yes darling. I want you to be happy and satisfied.”Neha smiled and blew her husband a kiss.

Then Alan planted his left foot on the bed and grabbed Neha’s waist and started fucking her once again. Neha’s face winced as she felt Alan’s huge tool stretch her pussy once again. Neha hung her head low as she took Alan’s entire tool in her and started squeezing her pussy lips. Her moans of pleasure turned louder as Alan fucked her. He had jabbed his entire tool in Neha’s welcoming pussy to the hilt. Now he was pummeling her pussy ruthlessly.

When one such stroke hit Neha she convulsed with pleasure and threw her head back. Alan bunched her long hair with her hand and pulled roughly. Neha winced in pain as her head was pulled back. But then without giving any chance of protest, he started fucking her roughly.

Neha started almost crying out loudly as her pussy was pummeled.

“Oh God Alan. Fuck me baby. Fuck me harder.”She writhed in pleasure as her fingers grabbed the bed sheet. Her mouth was wide open and eyes closed as she moaned in pleasure.

“Aah. Aah. Oh Alan. Please fuck me harder darling.”  Neha moaned in delight as she took rhythmic thrusts of her lover.

Avinash watched and stroked his cock harder as Alan pounded Neha.

Alan left Neha’s hair as she lay down on the bed raising her ass up in the air and Alan’s cock still buried deep in her cunt.

He groaned as he drilled Neha’s cunt furiously.

“Oh baby, look at your pussy accommodating me. You look so wet and horny.”Neha couldn’t believe how slutty and bitchy she felt as she was fucked right in front of her husband’s eyes.

Alan looked at Neha’s puckered pink asshole and just couldn’t resist the temptation. He slowly inserted a finger in it and the effect of this on Neha was instantaneous. She turned her head and moaned in delight as Alan plugged both of her holes.

As Alan pounded her cunt his balls slapped violently against her pussy. Neha’s cries of pleasure filled the room.

Avinash watched in delight and stupor the expressions on his wife’s face as she was drilled by his well hung boss.

Neha felt as if she was in heaven as Alan’s huge cock touched her clit every time it went in and out of her wet pussy hole.

“Aah. Aah. Oh god Alan. You are so big baby. Fuck me harder. Fuck me. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”She moaned with pleasure as a violent orgasm hit her and she shuddered violently. Her entire body convulsed with pleasure.

“I am coming baby.”Alan cried out as he spurted semen out his cock in Neha’s welcoming pussy. His whole body shuddered as he filled Neha’s pussy with his cum. Streaks of semen leaked out Neha’s cunt on to her thighs. After filling her cunt for good, finally Alan pulled his cock out and hugged her from behind.

Neha looked up as she shuddered and looked at her husband. She smiled indulgently as she noticed the streak of semen coming out of his cock on his hand.

“Now you are the perfect cuckold baby. You have stroked yourself to orgasm as you watched your wife getting fucked.”She laughed as Alan slowly kissed her back as they slowly collapsed on the bed together.

After kissing Alan for what seemed like an eternity, Neha finally got up from the bed and walked up to her husband. She beckoned him to get up and lovingly kissed him.

Avinash could almost feel Alan’s cum in her mouth as she kissed him deeply.

“I love you Avinash. I love you so much. I wonder why I wasted a year when you wanted me to do this. You are a good enough cuckold. But I am going to make you a perfect cuckold. I am going to train you.” She kept kissing her husband without giving him any chance to speak. But Avinash’s cock twitched once again as Neha kissed him and planned an outline for his future.

“I love you Neha.”He whispered breathlessly as he kissed his wife back. Neha slowly started to caress his rising cock once again.

“I think your little pecker is coming back to life once again. But I don’t think it’s a good move baby. Now I want you to go back to our room. I will sleep here with Alan. I think you are a good cuckold but I think you have had enough to start with for one night.”She patted her husband’s cheek.

Avinash looked dumbfounded at his wife. She understood his expression but kissed his cheek once again assuring him.

“Don’t worry baby. Now that you have had your wish fulfilled, I want to take it further. I am sure you will also love it but right now you might a little bit shy. Go home and take rest. I will come back tomorrow morning. I love you more than anyone else.” Avinash kissed her once again and then started to move.

“Wait a minute baby. Before you go, I want you to thank Alan and shake hands with him.”Alan also got up from the bed and moved towards Avinash.

He extended his hand towards Avinash and Avinash took it.

“Good night Avinash.” He nodded and then slowly came out of the room and started walking towards his room. He wondered if someone would see him as he zipped his pant.

After his initial excitement and lust was over he was feeling very awkward. Now that the erotic fun was over, it was difficult for him to see his wife in the arms of another man. But he knew that Neha had had the taste of the blood and she wanted more.

And he wondered if this was the start of his life as a cuckold and he wondered if he wanted it to continue.

Alan and Neha spent the night together while Neha asked Avinash to sleep in his room.

Author’s note:

This story is part of an erotic book available on Amazon. The original book can be found on the link below

Cuckolded by hubby’s white boss