Hot Wife Deserves better

Hot wife deserves better sex

Hot wife deserves better sex
Hot wife deserves better sex than what her husband provides.

Lately he had noticed that his hot wife used to spend a lot of time with her friends Jamal. He couldn’t understand why. I mean it’s not like he was very intelligent or smart. He was in fact a bore.

And yet his wife almost spent her entire day with him at the office.

He had been meaning to ask her about that, but he just couldn’t muster enough courage to do that.

After all he knew his place in his relationship with his wife.

He was a cuckold hubby and she was hot wife.

They had agreed that she could do whatever she wanted and he didn’t have right to ask her about it.

But his curiosity wouldn’t let him sleep in peace.

He had to know.

And one day, as she leaned on top of him on the bed, he mustered enough courage.

But her reply was not something he was prepared for.

“Baby, I don’t need intellectual conversation with him. I can have that with you. But as a woman and a hot wife, I deserve better than what you do in bed. For me, the SIZE  MATTERS.”

She had said emphatically and he just couldn’t help but wonder why he asked her the question when he already knew what the answer would be.

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