Cuckolded by hubby’s white boss

Indian wife starts affair with hubby's white boss.
Cuckolded by hubby’s white boss

“But I am not on pill.”She whispered in Alan’s hair as she nuzzled his neck. Alan kissed her sweet lips momentarily and then grabbed her ass.

“Don’t worry baby. We can get some condoms.”Neha looked in his eyes.

“Did you bring any?”She asked.

“No baby, I didn’t but probably your husband did. Ask him.”Alan pointed towards Avinash who till now had been a mute spectator in this erotic scene. He was still stroking his cock and couldn’t believe that he was still hard. Was seeing his wife sucking Alan’s cock so erotic that he was still hard? If Neha had sucked his cock he would have come within minutes. Somehow was watching his wife more erotic for him?

“So dear hubby, did you bring any? I am sure you have. You always do, don’t you?”Neha turned around and asked her husband. Avinash shuddered as he thought of giving a condom to his boss for fucking his wife. He certainly had a pack of condoms. But was he going to give it? There was no doubt in his mind about it. He slowly nodded.

“Then go to put room and get it baby.”Neha looked at her husband’s cock and smiled indulgently and continued.

“Maybe next time we should put a chastity cage on your cock. What do you think Alan?”She asked Alan as Avinash rose up.

“I agree darling. The little pecker like that doesn’t deserve any pleasure.”Neha laughed and once again turned towards her husband.

“Go on darling. What are you waiting for? We don’t have all night.”Avinash walked up to the door and turned back to take a look at his wife. She had once again kneeled down and had started to suck Alan’s cock.

He zipped his pant and then walked out of the room. But he knew that from now on his life would completely change. He had got what he wanted but would it be more than what he wanted? Had he chewed more than he could stomach? Only time would tell that.

It took him more than 10 minutes to get the condoms and come back to Alan’s suite. When he came in the bedroom once again, he found his wife on all fours. Alan was behind Neha.

Neha’s face was contorted with pleasure as Alan humped her from behind. Alan held on to Neha’s butt as he fucked her rhythmically.

“Avinash, how much time do you need just to get couple of condoms? Do you think we were going to wait on you forever?”Neha almost barked at her husband as he came in.

“Now we have already started. Alan couldn’t wait any longer and neither did I. Now there is no use of your condoms. Now you can sit there and watch a real man pleasure your wife.”She winked at her husband. Avinash didn’t know what to say. He had gone as fast as he could. Somehow he felt that Neha had intentionally done this.

But he didn’t say anything and with bated breath slumped back in the same chair on which he had sat earlier. Now Neha was facing him and Alan was behind her. He could clearly see the expressions on his wife’s face.

“I know your husband is useless even for a simple task like getting a condom baby.”Alan remarked and Neha laughed rudely once again. Avinash wondered if this was how life of cuckold would be.

“Forget him baby. Concentrate on me.”She said to Alan as he held on to her waist and then started fucking her once again. She closed her eyes and felt the pleasure that Alan’s cock was giving. His cock was quite large and it was able to touch every little part of her pussy. She closed her eyes and started humping back meeting every thrust of Alan vigorously.

Avinash watched as his wife’s face contorted with pleasure. Neha had sneaked up her hand between their bodies and she started to fondle Alan’s balls with her delicate fingers. Alan shuddered as he felt her fingers. Alan was now fucking her even harder and faster than before. Both of them were groaning with pleasure. Entire room was filled with the most obscene noises of their lovemaking.

Neha’s long hair had now covered her face. Her breasts almost slapped against her face very time Alan thrust his cock deep in her cunt. Every time he pounded her cunt, Alan’s balls slapped against her wet pussy.

Alan stopped for a moment as he recovered his breath. Neha also moved her hair aside and gathered it on her back and then looked at her husband.

“Are you enjoying it baby? Are you enjoying the look on my face as a real man fucks your wife? Look how big he is. This is what you wanted, isn’t it, baby? You wanted to see a real well hung man taking your wife, isn’t it?” She looked intently in her husband’s eyes as she asked him.

“Yes darling. I want you to be happy and satisfied.”Neha smiled and blew her husband a kiss.

Then Alan planted his left foot on the bed and grabbed Neha’s waist and started fucking her once again. Neha’s face winced as she felt Alan’s huge tool stretch her pussy once again. Neha hung her head low as she took Alan’s entire tool in her and started squeezing her pussy lips. Her moans of pleasure turned louder as Alan fucked her. He had jabbed his entire tool in Neha’s welcoming pussy to the hilt. Now he was pummeling her pussy ruthlessly.

When one such stroke hit Neha she convulsed with pleasure and threw her head back. Alan bunched her long hair with her hand and pulled roughly. Neha winced in pain as her head was pulled back. But then without giving any chance of protest, he started fucking her roughly.

Neha started almost crying out loudly as her pussy was pummeled.

“Oh God Alan. Fuck me baby. Fuck me harder.”She writhed in pleasure as her fingers grabbed the bed sheet. Her mouth was wide open and eyes closed as she moaned in pleasure.

“Aah. Aah. Oh Alan. Please fuck me harder darling.”  Neha moaned in delight as she took rhythmic thrusts of her lover.

Avinash watched and stroked his cock harder as Alan pounded Neha.

Alan left Neha’s hair as she lay down on the bed raising her ass up in the air and Alan’s cock still buried deep in her cunt.

He groaned as he drilled Neha’s cunt furiously.

“Oh baby, look at your pussy accommodating me. You look so wet and horny.”Neha couldn’t believe how slutty and bitchy she felt as she was fucked right in front of her husband’s eyes.

Alan looked at Neha’s puckered pink asshole and just couldn’t resist the temptation. He slowly inserted a finger in it and the effect of this on Neha was instantaneous. She turned her head and moaned in delight as Alan plugged both of her holes.

As Alan pounded her cunt his balls slapped violently against her pussy. Neha’s cries of pleasure filled the room.

Avinash watched in delight and stupor the expressions on his wife’s face as she was drilled by his well hung boss.

Neha felt as if she was in heaven as Alan’s huge cock touched her clit every time it went in and out of her wet pussy hole.

“Aah. Aah. Oh god Alan. You are so big baby. Fuck me harder. Fuck me. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”She moaned with pleasure as a violent orgasm hit her and she shuddered violently. Her entire body convulsed with pleasure.

“I am coming baby.”Alan cried out as he spurted semen out his cock in Neha’s welcoming pussy. His whole body shuddered as he filled Neha’s pussy with his cum. Streaks of semen leaked out Neha’s cunt on to her thighs. After filling her cunt for good, finally Alan pulled his cock out and hugged her from behind.

Neha looked up as she shuddered and looked at her husband. She smiled indulgently as she noticed the streak of semen coming out of his cock on his hand.

“Now you are the perfect cuckold baby. You have stroked yourself to orgasm as you watched your wife getting fucked.”She laughed as Alan slowly kissed her back as they slowly collapsed on the bed together.

After kissing Alan for what seemed like an eternity, Neha finally got up from the bed and walked up to her husband. She beckoned him to get up and lovingly kissed him.

Avinash could almost feel Alan’s cum in her mouth as she kissed him deeply.

“I love you Avinash. I love you so much. I wonder why I wasted a year when you wanted me to do this. You are a good enough cuckold. But I am going to make you a perfect cuckold. I am going to train you.” She kept kissing her husband without giving him any chance to speak. But Avinash’s cock twitched once again as Neha kissed him and planned an outline for his future.

“I love you Neha.”He whispered breathlessly as he kissed his wife back. Neha slowly started to caress his rising cock once again.

“I think your little pecker is coming back to life once again. But I don’t think it’s a good move baby. Now I want you to go back to our room. I will sleep here with Alan. I think you are a good cuckold but I think you have had enough to start with for one night.”She patted her husband’s cheek.

Avinash looked dumbfounded at his wife. She understood his expression but kissed his cheek once again assuring him.

“Don’t worry baby. Now that you have had your wish fulfilled, I want to take it further. I am sure you will also love it but right now you might a little bit shy. Go home and take rest. I will come back tomorrow morning. I love you more than anyone else.” Avinash kissed her once again and then started to move.

“Wait a minute baby. Before you go, I want you to thank Alan and shake hands with him.”Alan also got up from the bed and moved towards Avinash.

He extended his hand towards Avinash and Avinash took it.

“Good night Avinash.” He nodded and then slowly came out of the room and started walking towards his room. He wondered if someone would see him as he zipped his pant.

After his initial excitement and lust was over he was feeling very awkward. Now that the erotic fun was over, it was difficult for him to see his wife in the arms of another man. But he knew that Neha had had the taste of the blood and she wanted more.

And he wondered if this was the start of his life as a cuckold and he wondered if he wanted it to continue.

Alan and Neha spent the night together while Neha asked Avinash to sleep in his room.

Author’s note:

This story is part of an erotic book available on Amazon. The original book can be found on the link below

Cuckolded by hubby’s white boss


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