Cuckold pics – Don’t stop being my bull

Cuckold Pics of hot wife and her bull

Cuckold Pics
Cuckold Pics – Don’t stop being my bull

Don’t stop being my bull

As he gazed inside, he noticed his wife slowly biting her lips. Her lover was kissing her neck. If made a perfect cuckold pic.

But he couldn’t help but notice that his wife’s thighs were spread and her lover’s cock was buried deep inside her.

He was slowly thrusting his huge tool in and out of her. She held on to his arm with one hand and caressed his back with the other.

”Oh god, don’t stop baby. Please don’t stop.”She whispered breathlessly as waves of intense pleasure overcame her. He was moving rhythmically in and out of her.

The cuckold hubby couldn’t believe his eyes as he noticed that his wife’s lover wasn’t wearing a condom. He wondered if this is how they did it all the time. If they did, then how did she not get pregnant?

The answer came almost immediately.

Her lover passionately thrust his tool in and whispered in her ears. She was desperately trying to match his thrusts.

“All right darling, but I don’t want to pull out this time.” And suddenly it dawned on him.

But his wife’s reply amazed him and horrified him.

“Whatever you want honey. Just don’t stop. Don’t ever stop being my bull.”

Cuckold hubby watched in lust and horror as for the first time his wife’s lover flooded her with his potent baby batter.

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