Cuckold and bull – Sending clear message

Cuckold and bull

Cuckold and bull have a perfect understanding. Cuckold husband has bought a new dress for his wife as he is supposed to.

She plans to wear it on her date with her bull. It is skimpy and transparent enough to tell her bull what she wants.

It shows more than enough to the bull and makes her message to the bull clear. She wants him to take her.

Simple and plain.

Wife naturally thanks her hubby for his choice.

What is his reward? Obviously he will get a perfect midnight snack from between her thighs when she comes back from her date.


cuckold and bull
Dress sends a clear message

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  1. My wife’s bull loves to take her shopping before he fucks her then they send me pics from the motel. Later she brings me her cum soaked panties she wore on the car ride home for me use as she divulged every detail of their encounter .

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