Cuckold Captions – Watching them kiss

Cuckold Captions - Watching them kiss
Watching them kiss is most erotic experience

Cuckold Captions – Watching them kiss

Watching them kiss is probably the most erotic experience in a cuckold relationship. As he tiptoed across the hall, his heart started pounding as he saw them kissing on the couch.

There is a kind of intimacy in kissing that just can’t be matched by anything else. You can have sex with a woman without having any emotional attachment with her. But you can’t kiss her the way her lover was kissing her without any emotional attachment.

And this was the part that turned him on more than anything else.

It wasn’t just a one night fuck between two strangers. Her lover was here to stay.

His wife’s lover was sitting on the couch and his wife sat down on her knees between his thighs. And they were kissing as their lips melted in each others.

His jeans lay on the couch and he was completely naked. His wife still wore her black dress but he was sure that it was going to go soon, very soon.

His hands were roaming all over his wife’s breasts. He squeezed them roughly prompting passionate moans from his wife even as her lips remained locked in his lips.

There was a passion in their kiss that couldn’t be matched by anything else. And it was at this moment that he realized the truth in his cuckold relationship.

He just couldn’t see how anything else could make him harder than this.

Not even watching them have sex on the couch could have made him harder.