Rules for cuckold Husband

A hot wife lists the rules for her cuckold husband.

Rules for cuckold husband

Hot wife sets rules for cuckold hubby

He couldn’t believe his eyes as his demure and prim wife handed him a sheet of paper labeled Rules for Cuckold husband.

Had it really come to this that his wife was setting rules for him now? He just glanced at the paper and immediately knew that it made grim reading.

It started with the worst possible rule of them all.

No orgasms for the cuckold hubby. Seriously?

The second one read no undergarments. Did she really expect that he was going to office without those?

Total obedience. What the hell was that? Agreed that he was her cuckold, but this probably was taking it too far,.

The next one basically asked him to do all the housework. So basically she would lord over the home and have all the fun while he would slave in the house. Was she trying to turn her cuckold into her slave?

He couldn’t believe what had really gotten in his lovely wife. Probably this was just a nightmare and he would wake up the next day, but then probably it was all real. In any case it was him who had pushed her down this path and now he couldn’t wimp out of this.

He was the one who had insisted that she make him a cuckold. Now that she had done it, he couldn’t just chicken out of the relationship.

He had to see it through. He had to brave it.

And he knew that it meant following the rules set by his wife.



Hot Story – Making him a cuckold

Making him a cuckold
Making him a cuckold is a hot story in cuckold genre.

Hot Story – Making him a cuckold


Now as they entered the flat, Sumit held Shrutika’s hand in her hand. He closed the door behind them. Then he watched Shrutika go towards the kitchen. Sumit went and sat on the sofa.

“Bring me some water honey.”   He shouted towards the kitchen where Shrutika had gone. After few moments, Shrutika came out with a glass of water in her hand. She was wearing a sleeveless golden colored salwar kameej. He dupatta was riding high on her neck and Sumit could see her sexy naked arms. He could also see the full shape of her lovely big breasts. It was those big tits of hers that had made him fall for her. He patted his thigh with his hands and Shrutika smiled.

Then she sat down in Sumit’s lap as she gave him glass. Sumit drank water and then put down the glass.

He then wrapped his hands around Shrutika’s waist and pulled her closer to him. He kissed Shrutika’s lips as he moved his hands upwards and slowly pressed her full breasts.

Shrutika moaned with delight and then broke the kiss for a moment. Then she put her head on Sumit’s shoulder. Sumit grabbed her open hair and kissed her neck. His hands continued to grope Shrutika’s full tits as he kissed.

“Oh Sumit, you drive me crazy when you do that.” She wrapped her hands around his neck and murmured. She felt like her entire body was on fire. Sumit slowly moved both his hands on Shrutika’s naked arms and started to caress them. He kissed her lips for a moment before stopping.

“So baby, did you tell your husband about us?” He continued to caress Shrutika’s arms with his hands.

Shrutika looked in her lover’s eyes as she replied.

“I haven’t told him anything directly, but I have given him lot of hints. He noticed the way I have changed. He noticed your car and chauffer. He also noticed the love bites you have given on my tits. So I am sure that he is thinking about that and I am sure he knows about us. I even made him lick my cunt yesterday immediately after we reached home.  That was just couple of hours after you had fucked me. I guess that he smelled your semen in my cunt. But I didn’t allow him to say anything and he was tired after that. ” Sumit buried his face in Shrutika’s cleavage that he was able to see in front of him. He kissed her cleavage few times before speaking.

“Why don’t you just tell him honey? Why don’t you just tell him that you have a lover? That’s what he has always wanted, isn’t it? He himself told you that he wanted to be cuckolded. So what is the problem?” Sumit slowly put his hands under Shrutika’s kameej and tried to pull it upwards.

Shrutika raised both her hands so that Sumit was able to remove her kameej. As he did so, she replied.

“Don’t worry baby. He will know about us today.” She again wrapped her hands around Sumit’s neck as he watched her lovely full breasts in her black bra. Her skin was very fair and her tits were big and ready to pop out of the flimsy and thin bra that she was wearing.

Sumit moved his hands behind Shrutika’s back and unhooked the bra. Then he quickly removed it out of Shrutika’s sexy arms so that her lovely tits were completely naked. Sumit pulled her close to his face and buried it in Shrutika’s chest. Shrutika threw her head back with delight as she felt Sumit’s mouth sucking on her tits one by one.

Sumit held Shrutika between his arms as he sucked on her tits. His tongue was flicking in and out of his mouth as he licked Shrutika’s big tits. Shrutika was moaning with pleasure as she held Sumit’s head with her hands. Every now and then she shivered a bit as she felt Sumit’s teeth on the soft skin of her tits. He continued to bite her tits softly just as he always used to do. Shrutika slowly pushed him away from her.

“Let me remove your clothes honey.” Sumit raised his arms above his head.

Shrutika removed Sumit’s shirt through his arms and threw it aside. He was now naked above waist. Shrutika slowly caressed his hairy chest with both her hands. She continued to caress his chest but finally moved her hands towards Sumit’s crotch.  She smiled at him as she unzipped his pant and then put her hands inside it. She knew that Sumit never wore any underpants so her hand touched Sumit’s big cock.

Shrutika slowly unbuttoned the jeans Sumit was wearing and then started to pull it down. Sumit raised himself a bit as Shrutika removed it from his legs. He was completely naked and he quickly removed Shrutika’s salwar as well and threw it down on the floor.

Shrutika laughed as she touched his large cock.

“Today you haven’t wasted any time in getting naked. Earlier you used to take lot of time getting naked. Today, we are not here even for 5 minutes and we are naked.” Sumit pulled Shrutika closer and kissed her neck. Shrutika also wrapped her hands around his neck as she sighed. She loved it when Sumit kissed her on the neck.

Sumit pushed Shrutika so that she now lay on the sofa with her head resting on the arm of sofa. Sumit whispered something in Shrutika’s ear. She smiled and then she raised her right leg and put it on the back of the sofa. Her left leg was dangling on the side of the sofa just touching the ground.

He then got on top of her. Shrutika wrapped her hands around Sumit’s head and slowly pulled his head towards her big tits. She felt his mouth enclose on her breast and sighed with pleasure.

She could also feel his huge cock brushing against her thighs. As Sumit continued to suck on her tits, she spread her thighs wide and then locked them around his waist. Then she kissed Sumit’s neck and whispered in his ears.

“Sumit, I love you darling. Please fuck me now. I am so wet for you honey.” Sumit was still feasting on her lovely tits and he continued to do it. She slowly moved her hand downwards and between their bodies to reach his thick cock.

Sumit sighed with pleasure as he felt Shrutika’s palm cupping his large cock. He roughly grabbed Shrutika’s hair and kissed her lips hard. Shrutika was surprised but then she also opened her lips for him and kissed him back.

She caressed Sumit’s back with her hands as they continued to kiss passionately.

At the same time she felt Sumit thrusting his hips forward. She looked in his eyes as he broke the kiss. Then Sumit adjusted his huge cock at the opening of her wet hole. Sumit thrust forward slowly.

Shrutika moaned with pleasure as she felt Sumit’s huge cock enter her wet cunt. She closed her eyes and hugged Sumit in a tight embrace. Sumit slowly licked her neck as he moved his cock rhythmically in Shrutika’s cunt.

“Oh Sumit, it feels so good baby. Please don’t stop.” Sumit knew very well how Shrutika liked it. He took her lovely breast in his mouth and sucked at it gently. He continued to fuck her slowly and at the same time suckled her big tits.

Suddenly, he started to thrust his hips forward urgently. Shrutika gripped the hands of the sofa hard as Sumit started to pound her roughly.

“Oh Sumit, please don’t stop. Don’t stop. Fuck me harder.” Sumit didn’t need any invitation as he fucked her furiously. He grabbed hold of her waist and continued to pound her pussy hard.

Shrutika moaned with pleasure and screamed loudly as she was getting full length and girth of his circumcised cock in her cunt. Sumit’s cock was touching her in spots where her husband had never been. Her mouth was open and she wailed with pleasure continuously.

She gripped Sumit’s back tightly as she received full pounding from his cock.

“Shrutika, I am coming inside you baby.” Sumit whispered in her ears. Shrutika didn’t say anything but waited with breathlessness. Her own orgasm was approaching fast as Sumit touched the most intimate parts of her cunt.

Sumit shuddered and kissed her lips hard as he flooded her cunt with his baby batter. Shrutika just held him tightly as she felt warm liquid flooding her cunt and oozing out in a thin streak. They just held on to each other lovingly and kissed.

“I want to make your husband a cuckold. I want to fuck you right in front of him.” Sumit said as he nuzzled Shrutika’s tits.

“I am sure he will love it. He is a jerk anyway. I would love to humiliate him and cuckold him myself. What kind of jerk leaves his newlywed wife alone in Mumbai and goes for a job somewhere else?” Shrutika laughed mockingly. They were still in each other’s arms and Sumit was caressing her breasts.

“But I like him just for being a jerk and a pervert. I want to take this even further baby. I want you to have my baby. I want you to stop those pills that you take after we have sex. ” Shrutika squirmed as she felt Sumit’s teeth on her breasts once again. He bit softly on her nipples.

“Darling, we will talk about it later. I have already said that I will consider it. Meanwhile, you can stop giving my love bites on my tits. I already have enough to show to Avinash. Ouch.” She felt sharp pain as Sumit bit in the flesh of her tits.

“Love bites are something that is the more the better honey.” She hit him playfully, but then she held his head on her tits. After a few minutes, she pushed him away and got off the sofa.

“Now, let me get back to my husband.” She went the ward robe and picked out the same dress that she wore in the morning.

“Make sure you make your wimp husband taste my cum darling.” Sumit called out as he watched Shrutika go in the bedroom for changing.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss the chance for anything in the life.” She laughed as she started wearing her bra.

After 10 minutes, she was out of the bedroom as Sumit still slouched on the sofa. She went to the sofa, kissed Sumit on the lips again and then asked him to phone Aslam. Sumit called Aslam and asked him to wait in the car so that he can drop Shrutika at her home.

“Bye darling. When do you want to meet again?” Sumit wrapped his hands around her waist as he walked her to the door.

“Aren’t you satisfied yet, baby? I could stay the night if you want.” Shrutika smiled mischievously as she reached the door and turned around to face him. She wrapped her hands around his neck. Sumit reached behind her and squeezed her ass cheeks.

“It is very tempting offer. But I would like it much better that you go home and feed my cum to your wimp husband.” She smiled and replied.

“I knew you are a pervert just like my husband. But that’s what I love about you.” She kissed his lips lightly.

“Bye darling. See you later.” She kissed him again and then went out of the door.


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Making him a cuckold

Hindi Hot Story – बीवी का दुसरा आशिक



Hindi Hot Story – बीवी का दुसरा आशिक


इतना बड़ा लंड मुंह में जाते ही प्रियंका की तो जैसे जान ही निकल गयी. लेकिन उसने जैसे तैसे खुद को संभाला. उसने अपने दोनों हाथ समीर की कमर पर रखे और फिर अपना मुंह आगे पीछे करके समीर के लंड को चूसने लगी. वो अपनी गर्म जीभ समीर के लंड के ऊपर घुमा रही थी.

उसके हर एक चूसने से समीर के मुंह से आहे निकल रही थी. प्रियंका किसी रतिक्रीड़ा के विशेषज्ञ की तरह समीर के लंड को चूस रही थी. समीर को ऐसा लग रहा था जैसे की वो जन्नत में है और वहां की हुर उसका लंड चूस रही है.

समीर ने प्रियंका के दोनों मम्मों को पकड़ कर रखा था और वो उन्हें मसल रहा था. उसके हाथों के दबाने से प्रियंका के मम्मे लाल हो रहे थे और उसकी चुचिया बड़ी हो रही थी. उसकी जांघों में से उसका यौवन रस अब किसी झरने की तरह रिस रहा था.

“चूसती रहो मेरी जान. रुको मत.”समीर सिसकियों के बीच प्रियंका को और प्रोत्साहित कर रहा था. प्रियंका का मुखमैथुन करने का अंदाज कुछ ख़ास ही था. इतनी देर से चूसते रहने के बाद भी उसने अपना क दांत भी समीर के लंड को लगने नहीं दिया था. उलटा वो सिर्फ अपनी जीभ और लार की गर्मी से समीर को उत्तेजित कर रही थी.

प्रियंका के लाल होठ समीर के लंड को ऐसे चिपके हुये थ जैसे मधुमक्खी शहद के ऊपर चिपक जाती है. समीर की सांसे तेज हो रही थी. प्रियंका किसी लोलिपॉप की तरह समीर के लंड को चूसती जा रही थी. समीर के मुंह से मादक आवाजें आ रही थी.

“चूसती रहो जान. और चुसो मेरे लंड को.”समीर प्रियंका के गालों को सहलाने लगा और दुसरे हाथ उसने उसके बाल सहलाने लगा. उसे लग रहा था की शायद प्रियंका अब उसके लंड से सारा पानी निचोड़ क्र ही छोड़ेगी लेकिन उसी वक्त जैसे प्रियंका को भी समझ में आ गया. उसने हलके से अपना मुंह समीर के लंड से हटा लिया और हांफने लगी.

“बाप रे समीर कितना बड़ा है. चूसते चूसते तो मेरी जान ही निकल जायेगी.”उसने समीर की आंखों में देखते हुये कहा.

“अरे डार्लिंग अभी तो सिर्फ शुरुवात है. जान तो तेरी तब निकलेगी जब मै इसे तेरी गीली चूत में डालूंगा. चल अब लेट जा बेड पर.”समीर ने प्रियंका को हलके से पीछे धकेला.

“एक मिनट इसे उतारने तो दो.”प्रियंकाने मुस्कराते हुये अपनी पैंट उतरना शुरू किया. जैसे ही उसने पैंट उतारी समीर को उसकी चूत की खुशबु महसूस हुयी. प्रियंका की गीली चूत ऐसे महक रही थी जैसे कोई शहद की कटोरी हो.

“अब ज्यादा देर मत कर डार्लिंग. पैंटी भी उतार जल्दी.”समीर अब बेक़रार हो रहा था. उसका ताना हुआ लंड भी हिल रहा था. प्रियंका भी उतनी ही मदमस्त और बेकरार थी. उसने बिना कुछ कहे अपनी पैंटी भी उतार फेंकी और फिर पीठ के बाल पर लेट गयी. तब तक समीर भी उसकी पैंट उतार कर पूरी तरह नग्न हो चुका था. प्रियंका समीर के गठीले बदन को देख रही थी लेकिन उसकी सबसे ज्यादा नजर समीर के ताने हुये लंड पर ही जा रही थी. इतना बड़ा लंडी अपनी चूत में जाने के विचार से ही उसका बदन कांप रहा था लेकिन फिर भी वो उसे लेने की लिए उतावली हो रही थी.

उसने अपने दोनों पैर ऊपर किये और फिर उन्हें फैलाकर बेड पर रख दिया. समीर धीरे से प्रियंका के बदन के ऊपर लेट गया और उसने अपना चेहरा प्रियंका के चेहरे के पास ले गया.

उन दोनों एक पल एक दुसरे की आंखों में देखा लेकिन अब उन्हें बोलने में कोई इंटरेस्ट नहीं था. बिना कुछ कहे समीर ने प्रियंका के होठों को अपने होठों में लिया और उन्हें चूसने लगा. उसी वक्त प्रियंका अपना हाथ समीर की कमर की तरफ ले गयी और धीरे से टटोलते हुये उसने समीर का बड़ा लंड एक बार फिर से अपने हाथ में लिया और उसे सहलाने लगी. समीर को जैसे करंट ही लग गया.

उसने प्रियंका के होठ छोड़ दिये और प्रियंका के मम्मों पर कब्ज़ा कर लिया. अब वो मस्ती में आकर उसके मम्मे चूसने लगा और प्रियंका समीर के लंड को अपने हाथ से हिलाने लगी.

प्रियंका अब अपनी आंखें बंद करके हलकी हलकी सिसकियां छोड़ रही थी. उसने अपना दूसरा हाथ समीर की पीठ पर रखा था और वो उसे सहला रही थी. पहले हाथ से वो अभी भी समीर के लंड को सहला रही थी.

समीर ने प्रियंका के कंधों पर अपने हाथ रखे और वो उसके मम्मों को एक के बाद एक चूस रहा था. प्रियंका को कभी कभी उसके दांत लग रहे थे और वो सिहर रही थी. उसने अपना हाथ समीर के सर के पीछे किया और वो उसके बाल सहलाने लगी.

इसी वक्त समीर थोडा रुका तो प्रियंका भी उसे देखने लगी.

समीर ने अपने आपको थोडा स बदला और उसने अपना लंड प्रियंका की गीली चूत के ऊपर रखा. उसका मोटा लंड अपनी गीली चूत पर लगते ही प्रियंका ने अपनी आंखे बंद कर ली और इंतेजार करने लगी. अब उसकी सांसे तेज हो रही थी. उसने अपने दोनों हाथ समीर की छाती पर रखे और वो उसे सहलाने लगी.

इधर समीर ने अपना लंड प्रियंका की चूत पर रख कर एक धक्का दिया तो प्रियंका के मुंह से चीख निकल गयी.

“समीर धीरे डालो डार्लिंग. इतना बड़ा लेने की आदत नहीं है मेरी.”प्रियंका नीचे देखते हुये बोली तो समीर को हंसी आ गयी.

“क्यों? तुम्हारे उस चूतिये पती का कितना है?”ये सुनते ही प्रियंका जोर से हंस पड़ी.

“उसका तुमसे आधा भी नहीं है. उसकी बात छोडो. तुम हलके डालो डार्लिंग. बहुत दर्द होता है.”इतना कहकर प्रियंका ने वापस अपनी आंखे बंद की और समीर ने इस बार धीरे धीरे अपना लंड उसकी चूत में घुसाया. प्रियंकाने फिर भी अपने होंठ अपने दांतों में चबाये लेकिन इस बार उसे पहली बार की तरह दर्द महसूस नहीं हुआ.

“आह समीर. कितना बड़ा है जान.”प्रियंका ने हलके से कहा और फिर उसने अपने दोनों हाथों को समीर की पीठ के पीछे लपेटा और उसे अपने से लिपटा लिया. अब समीर का लंड उसकी चूत में आधे से ज्यादा घुस चूका था. अब वो मस्ती में आकर अपने मम्मे समीर की छाती से रगड़ने लगी.

“मजा आ रहा है क्या जानू?”समीर ने उसके गालों को चुमते हुये पूछा तो प्रियंका शरमा गयी.

“हां अब इतना बड़ा लुंगी तो मजा तो आएगा ही ना.”वो हलके से बोली और फिर उसने अपने दोनों पैर हवा में उठाये और उन्हें समीर की कमर के इर्द गिर्द बंद किया. अब समीर का लंड प्रियंका की गीली चूत में था और उसकी कमर के बीच प्रियंका की टांगे थी.

अब समीर जोश में आकर प्रियंका की चूत में धक्के दे रहा था. उसका लंड अपनी चूत में रगड़ने से प्रियंका मदमस्त हो रही थी और समीर की बाहों में तड़प रही थी. समीर के हर धक्के के साथ उसका लंड और अंदर जा रहा था और प्रियंका और भी मदमस्त हो रही थी. उसकी चिकनी चूत अब गीली थी और समीर के लंड के लिए पूरी तरह से तैयार थी.

“ओह समीर. आय लव यू बेबी.”प्रियंका समीर के कंधे को सहलाते हुये उसके कान में बोली. समीर के हर धक्के के साथ प्रियंका के मम्मे उछल रहे थे. प्रियंका मस्ती में अपना सर कंधे के एक तरफ और दूसरी तरफ हिला रही थी. अपने दोनों हाथो से उसने समीर को अपनी बाहों में जकड रखा था.

एक तरफ उसे छोड़ते हुये समीर ने प्रियंका के मम्मे वापस अपने मुंह में लिए और वो उन्हें बेतहाशा चूसने लगा.

“उई मां मर गयी.”प्रियंका बीच में ही हलके से बोलती तो समीर का जोश और भी बढ़ जाता था. प्रियंका पूरी तरह से समीर के नीचे दबी हुयी थी और उसका अंग अंग समीर की लिये तड़प रहा था.

समीर ने उसके मम्मे छोड़ दिये और वो प्रियंका के गले पर चूमने लगा. लेकिन प्रियंका को असली जन्नत का नजारा तो तब दिखा जब समीर ने उसकी गर्दन को चाटना शुरू किया. उसकी गर्दन प्रियंका का वीक स्पॉट था. समीर का स्पर्श वहां होते ही प्रियंका जैसे पागल हो गयी.

वो अपने नितंब ऊपर नीचे करते हुये समीर का भरपूर साथ देने लगी. उसने समीर को कसकर पकड़ा हुआ था. अब वो समीर के हर धक्के का पूरा साथ दे रही थी और उसे खुश करने की भी पूरी कोशिश करने लगी थी. उसके बदन पर अब हवस ने पूरी तरह से कब्ज़ा कर लिया था. वो किसी तितली की तरह समीर की बाहों में तड़प रही थी और तिलमिला रही थी.

समीर ने जोर शोर से प्रियंका की चुदाई शुरू की.

“आह. आह. समीर प्लीज रुको मत जानू. चोदते रहो मुझे.” अब समीर की स्पीड काफी बढ़ गयी थी और वो बहुत जोर से धक्के दे रहा था. उसके हर धक्के के साथ प्रियंका के मुंह से आह निकल रही थी. समीर की जांघे प्रियंका की जांघों के ऊपर घिस रही थी और उसे जन्नत का अहसास दे रही थी.

समीर ने अपने दोनों हाथ प्रियंका के मम्मों पर रखे और फिर से उसे जोरसे चोदने लगा. इस बार प्रियंका भी उसका और जोर से साथ देने लगी. प्रियंका का मुंह खुला हुआ था और वो हांफ रही थी लेकिन फिर भी उसे जन्नत का नजारा दिख रहा था. समीर का बड़ा तगड़ा लंड उसे जन्नत का नजारा दिखा रहा था. वो उसकी चूत के हर एक हिस्से को छु रहा था और उसे स्वर्गसुख दे रहा था.

समीर ने अचानक ही प्रियंका के बाल जोर से पदके और खींचे.

“प्रियंका. डार्लिंग.”सिर्फ इतना कहते ही समीर का जिस्म थरथराने लगा और प्रियंका उससे लिपट गयी. एक के बाद एक धक्के मरते हुये समीर ने अपना सारा रस प्रियंका की चूत में दाल दिया.

प्रियंका का भी रस पूरी तरह से निकल गया और वो दोनों एक दुसरे की बाहों में कुछ देर तक पड़े रहे.

“मजा आया?”समीर ने पूछा तो प्रियंका शरमा दी.

“इतना मजा आज तक मुझे किसी मर्द के साथ नहीं आय.”प्रियंका शरमा कर बोली और उसने हलके से समीर को चूमा.

फिर वो दोनों एक दुसरे बाहों में कुछ देर तक सो गये.


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