Admit it, cuckold hubby

Admit it, cuckold hubby

Hot wife is wearing a hot and sexy dress and cuckold hubby couldn't help but feel turned on
Admit it, cuckold hubby

His heart skipped a beat as his wife walked in the hall. For a moment she looked at her cuckold hubby. She wore a black colored skimpy party dress that barely reached her thighs. Her long and sexy legs were bare. He felt like kneeling down and start licking her legs and thighs like a puppy.

Her long hair was spread on shoulders and she wore a black high heeled sandal

He couldn’t help but stare at his wife’s cleavage. Her tight dress hugged her body tightly.

She looked at him sitting alone on the couch and smiled. He almost melted at his beautiful and sexy wife’s smile.

“Do you like it baby? Does it turn you on when I wear something like this and go out?”She looked straight in his eyes as she slowly caressed her thighs.

“Come here baby.”She motioned her husband using her finger. He felt breathless as he walked up to her.

“Admit it baby. Admit that it turns you on. And Kneel down and lick my thighs.”She motioned towards the floor.

He was absolutely awed by her beauty. He knelt down and sat on his knees.

She held his neck and slowly pulled his head towards her creamy thighs.

“Make me wet for my lover baby.”She whispered as she caressed his hair.

He moved forward and prepared to lick her creamy thighs.

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