Indian sex stories

Indian Sex Storie
Indian Sex Stories

Indian Sex Stories

Hi all and welcome to “Indian Erotica”. This site it to host to great “Indian Sex Stories.”

I built this web site just for one purpose. Publish great Indian erotic content.

Well, on second thoughts, I will be honest. As an author of erotic content, I would also like to promote and market my erotic books on Amazon using this site. But both objective go hand in hand, don’t they?

I have been a fan of erotica for a long time. I see great erotic content hosted on sites like, I would love to do something similar specifically for Indian erotica. And this is a small effort from my side to do just that.

I am excited to start a site and build it along with the most important part on any web site – the people like you who visit it.

So tag along and we will build something beautiful (Or shall I say sexy?) together.

Oh, and by the way, in case you are interested in reading my full length erotic novels from, please check out the image galleries below.

Each image in this gallery is a cover page with link to the book on

Just click on the image to check out the book.

Indian Cuckold stories



A homepage section


Hello all,

I am Aniket.

I am a self published author who writes Indian Erotica. I have published lot of erotic short stories and novels under pen name “Sharan Baddle” on Amazon.

At this moment, I have written most books and stories in Cuckold Erotica Genre. But pretty soon I will be writing in most of the other genres.

You can visit the following link to take a look at my works.

Erotica by Sharan Baddle



Marathi Chavat Katha – बायकोचा प्रियकर

Marathi Chavat Katha – बायकोचा प्रियकर Hello all, Welcome to the page having all the Sexy Marathi Chavat Katha. On this page you will be seeing lot of erotic stories in Marathi language. त्याच्या कल्पनेने त्याला दगा दिला नव्हता. त्याला तेच दिसलं जे त्याला अपेक्षित होतं. ते दोघे एका भिंतीवर टेकून उभे होते. श्रुतिकाची पाठ …


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